Does Obama want to destroy his own home country of Kenya? I would say yes…

First in 2013, the Westgate Mall in Kenya was attacked by a terrorist Muslim group name Al-Shabab.

This time a college by the name of Garissa University in Kenya gets attacked by Al-Shabab once again by targeting Christians… killing 15 of them, injuring many others and keeping some of them hostage.

More on the story here:

If you think Obama supports his home country of Kenya, then you should think again. There was a reason why Obama’s Mom Ann Dunham wanted him out of there to begin with. I think Obama sent Al-Shabab to attack Kenya and he’s been orchestrating all of it. Just like he orchestrated the attacks on Benghazi. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The people of Kenya may treat Obama like he is their King and worship him but I think Obama’s goal is clearly that he wants to kill all Christian people and have Muslims take over the world. Is Obama himself a Christian as he claims? Fucking please… anyone with a half brain would know that he isn’t.

Obama didn’t make a statement on this attack yet but when he does don’t expect him to put “terrorism” and “Islam” in the same sentence. Obama hates Christians and his “Crusades” speech was good enough to show that.


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