Freedom of speech works both ways, people…

For many years I’ve always been accused of only responding to people who agree with me and have the same views in politics. If people want to think of me that way, that’s fine. People think I delete comments and don’t approve them ’cause they think I can’t accept the “truth” and then they’ll declare the winner of the “debate”. When I delete their comments and don’t approve them, then they’ll cry freedom of “speech”. Ya know, I always found it funny on how people do that and it doesn’t make a bit of sense to me at all. They accuse me of taking away their freedom of speech but think about it a few minutes…

… isn’t that kind of hypocritical when you accuse me of that? I’m getting real tired of people crying “freedom of speech” when that’s exactly what YOU DID when you get all over me over my opinions. Just my 2cents, when you decide to call me out, bash me and get on my ass for speaking on things that you find “offensive”… don’t you think that is censoring my “freedom of speech”??? That’s exactly what people do.

Political debates wasn’t supposed to be a “one-way” street but these days it’s definitely heading that way. We should have every right to have our opinions on Barack, Hillary, liberalism, gay marriage, gun control, Zimmerman/Trayvon, Michael Brown, etc. All the controversial stuff you see in the news. Conservative freedom of speech is in danger and I’ve been saying that for years. I’m proud to be conservative and will never change.

Liberals get on us everywhere. It’s crazy. I’ve even been dealing with liberals on my own site for a long time now. I delete comments and don’t approve them ’cause I look for intelligent discussion and something valuable. I don’t wanna hear the same old things that’s already been discussed before. I wanna read something valuable and intelligent. Those are the replies I look for. If all people wanna do is defend Obama, blame Bush and Republicans… I don’t wanna see that stuff ’cause I’ve seen so many of those responses, I’m just tired of it.

This is why I try my best to ignore liberals ’cause they really are a piece of work. They’ll never agree with you on anything ’cause they are on one side. They get so defensive of “liberalism” ’cause they want to promote their “human rights” stuff and they just try to get you to be on their side. They just want more people to join them on their “equality” and “human rights” stuff that they do.

Well, if conservatives don’t wanna join you… learn to accept it and move forward but of course they won’t do that. Liberals aren’t gonna quit until you agree with them. That’s why I have to stick to my guns on everything ’cause I’m NOT gonna let ’em win. Can’t do it. Don’t ever let phony liberals win. I never backed down on my opinions and always stuck to them as you can see.

You see, I was always about the truth. Even though I’m a conservative and proud of it, I still won’t be afraid to be realistic about the GOP and stuff. I just tell things like it is and that’s the end of it.

Liberal intolerance has gotten much worse, though. It shouldn’t really be like that. We all should be able to voice our opinion on anything we want to but if liberals won’t let me have my opinion, why should I let them have theirs? Something to think about, ya know what I mean? Fair is fair…


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