Dr. Of Common Sense: There’s nothing authentic about Obama…

I’ve been trying to tell everyone for years that there is nothing authentic about Barack Obama. The man is a 100% fraud and it’s amazing to me how many out there can’t see that.

E.T. Williams here is right on the money that everything about Obama’s life is a lie and I’ve been saying that for a long time too. We know nothing about him at all… yet, all people did was laugh at my face and called me delusional and all kinds of names.

This is pretty informative video and yet again, another great video by E.T. Williams aka the Dr. Of Common Sense.

My question is why are people in America so obsessed with Barack Obama when none of us know anything about him? How did he get in power of Washington and the United States? Why is this man so full of mysteries and secrets ? E.T. Williams is right is that this is very scary that we don’t know anything about this man named, Barack Obama.

If the media and Congress weren’t so protective of this man, then Obama would absolutely have been finished and thrown in jail a long time ago.

What’s even worse in this country is that it seems that Obama is not allowed to get criticized and people are not allowed to talk anything negative about him when we should be able to. When someone wants to call out his bad presidency, people will defend the man and act like he’s never in the wrong no matter the situation. I’m fucking sick of it all, seriously!

People would also act like that Obama is an innocent and harmless man, everyone still think he’s a good guy. Even worse, people still think he’s the best president we’ve ever had. If we know nothing about this man, then why would people go thinking that he is a good guy or a good president?

If Obama won’t let us know more about who he is then that should scare you enough. This man is very scary and he shouldn’t be trusted when he refuses to be transparent.

You see guys, you can’t just side with your party and stay loyal to it. You gotta look at reality and stop being so one-sided. I’ve always looked at reality and told it like it is.

It really is amazing and scary at the same time how Obama stays in power doing whatever he can to destroy this country and people still can’t see what he’s doing.

I think one day everything about Obama’s life will get revealed. You can hide everything about yourself all you want to but people will always find out about things.

It’s crazy how mysterious and secretive this man is. I can’t understand it. We’ve never had a US president like this before. We knew all about our past presidents but for the first time in history, we don’t know anything about this president.

All the Obama supporters and sycophants will never admit they know nothing about this man.


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