Star Wars finally coming to online streaming and downloads but avoiding Netflix…

The Star Wars film franchise is finally arriving to online streaming and downloads. Soon you will be able to watch the six Star Wars films on Amazon, Google Play, Itunes Movies and Vudu.

I am noticing that they are avoiding Netflix streaming and I wonder why? Netflix and Disney are on good terms together as Netflix streaming has plenty of live action and animated Disney films. So I wonder why Star Wars isn’t on Netflix yet? I’m sure Star Wars will make Netflix streaming sometime in the future. Maybe not right now.

I already have all six Star Wars films on DVD but I’m missing the first Star Wars movie, “A New Hope”. I lost the disc somewhere so maybe I’ll just buy that one digitally in case I want to re-watch all the Star Wars film sometime ’cause I’m probably gonna end up wanting to re-watch them all before “The Force Awakens” come out later this year.


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