Don’t be naive, we could ALL lose the internet on June 12th…

I may have joked that I’m gonna get rid of my internet when Net Neutrality comes into effect on June 12th by the FCC but what some of you can’t get through your thick delusional head is that we ALL could lose the internet that day. The government claims the internet will be “free” and “open” but the last thing you wanna do is trust ’em. They could shut the internet down on us and they won’t let us Americans get on it at all. You never know what Obama is planning with “net neutrality”. I think he doesn’t only want to censor Obama critics, he wants to censor everybody. Yes, the internet will probably be around after June 12th but only certain people will be allowed to get on it like government people for example. We could all lose our internet freedoms. Don’t buy into this “Free” and “Open” crap.

June 12th of this year will be the day when Obama takes over the world wide web and it’s really scary as hell if you think about it. If the internet stays up, our freedoms are still gonna be in danger… ’cause all of us could be heavily moderated and under government surveillance even more.

It’s amazing how naive liberals really are over this “net neutrality” thing. They’re all over this thinking it’s a good idea and what America needs. The thing is the internet shouldn’t be under strict government rules at all. Obama could only allow Muslims and terrorists to have internet access as well if he wanted.

Net neutrality is very scary. If the government shuts off our internet… I think America will have no choice but to wake up then ’cause both sides will be angry and they will protest to get our internet back. June 12th might be the death of the internet.

You can’t agree with every new thing that happens under Obama… that’s what’s pissing me off about liberals. Government shouldn’t be in charge of the internet. It’s also gonna destroy the economy even more. Cable and broadband companies will be losing their jobs ’cause of it. Time Warner Cable and Comcast will say goodbye too.


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