Obama is intentionally destroying America and the GOP Congress is definitely helping him!!!

So the GOP controlled Congress allowed the USA Freedom Act to pass and most of the GOP Senate voted “Yay” on it predictably. Yep, I think I’m definitely done supporting the GOP. All of it. We voted them to stay in office. We wanted a GOP controlled Senate… we got that but instead of fighting against Obama like we elected them for… they are helping him. Helping Obama’s goals in destroying America. Does the GOP want America destroyed? Certainly seems like it!!!

Seriously, what’s the purpose of spying on innocent Americans? I don’t see the point of it at all. To me, it’s nothing but the government’s desperate attempt to snoop around into our lives, that’s it. They don’t wanna spy on us for “counter-terrorism” as they claim at all — NO, NO, NO, NO… and NO!!!!! They really are desperate in controlling our lives and getting into our business. They want to target us. Obama wanting to take down his critics is a part of it, yes but there’s more… Obama is desperate to continue to spy on Americans as a way to destroy our economy:


Obama will only sign bills only if they help damage America. He won’t sign bills if he knows that it’s gonna help improve America like the “Keystone Pipeline” for example.

The GOP Congress is helping him win at everything. The GOP sided with Obama on the TPP and now they sided with him on the USA Freedom Act. So for those reasons, I’ll no long refer myself as Republican and I won’t be Democrat either. I’ll refer myself as “independent” from this point forward. From this point on, it don’t matter to me.

I won’t support anything Obama does. I don’t care if the GOP sides with him. Anything Obama touches is gonna be bad for America.

It can’t be that difficult to take down terrorists and foil terrorism, spying on innocent Americans is not the way to go and Obama knows it too. He’s just desperate into getting into our lives, period.

When will America wake up and realize that Obama is a nothing but a threat to this country? The terrorists aren’t much of a threat to America but Obama is. Obama is the fucking terrorist.


One thought on “Obama is intentionally destroying America and the GOP Congress is definitely helping him!!!”

  1. Even though I won’t call myself Republican or Democrat, I’m still gonna have conservative views, though. That won’t change.


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