Get ready for Obamanet tomorrow…

The US Telecom Association tried to block the Net Neutrality rules but of course, they failed. The U.S. Court of Appeals rejects their request to block Obamanet. Thanks to the US Telecom for trying though. It seems like it’s tough to defeat anything against Obama these days.

I’m actually kind of nervous about Net Neutrality tomorrow and you should be too. You never know what it’s gonna be like so don’t assume anything.

If you think the government taking over the internet is a good idea, then you’re fucking delusional and an idiot. The internet should not be government controlled at all.


4 thoughts on “Get ready for Obamanet tomorrow…”

    1. To be honest, I have noticed some issues and weird things about the internet today. Some pages having trouble loading up. Sometimes it’ll come up to an error message saying “page not found”. Sometimes pages like Facebook and youtube doing some weird things to it. Slower connection. Nothing wrong with my end of the computer. Ever since I got this new computer, I never had any problems with this until this “Net neutrality” thing came into effect yesterday. So yeah, I totally blame it on “Net Neutrality”.

      I’m sure many others are experiencing the same thing. Don’t lie about it?


      1. If so, that’ll mean a lot to me if I actually got Barack’s attention. I’ll be flattered if I got on his enemies list.


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