Will Obama ever get in trouble for saying something stupid???

I think there may have been a possibility that Barack Obama may have been high on crack during that podcast interview with Marc Maron. I definitely think he was and then blurted out the “N word” out of the blue, I really didn’t think he meant it. Remember, I didn’t listen to the whole podcast. I only listened to like the first 20 minutes of it ’cause I could NOT stand to hear Barack’s voice. If you listen to him, he definitely sounded like he was onto something. Did he take a couple of hits from the pipe before the interview? If Obama wasn’t “high” and completely normal, I’m sure he wouldn’t have said it.

Anyway, if a black Republican said that like say if Ben Carson said the “N” word when trying to make a point with race relations, the liberals would have definitely gave him a bunch of shit for it ’cause of him being Republican.

It’s no surprise that the liberal world would praise Obama for the use of the “N” word and defend him using it.

Ever since Obama got elected in 2008, he has been saying stupid, offensive things from day 1. He never got any flak for saying stupid and ridiculous things. He may have gotten some flak from the conservative community for the things he says but the liberal community will be quick to defend him no matter the situation. Pretty soon, the “N” word will be okay to say since Obama said it. I understand that Obama may have been trying to make a “point” but he shouldn’t have used the “N” word in full.

I’m pretty sure Obama uses the “N” word a lot around his black friends and I’m sure he uses it a lot around Michelle, maybe that’s where it came from. It seems like it’s okay to use that word in the black community but outside of that, no. I’m sure he used that word a lot when he was in the Choom Gang years ago.

It’s interesting how the media blew up over Obama’s use of the “N” word. I’m sure Obama will be unapologetic for using it, too, as he is never apologetic for anything.

The debate over this is kind of stupid when he should have gotten in trouble for saying other stupid things like the Benghazi lie about that youtube video, Obamacare, the Crusades, lying about Bin Laden’s death, etc. People should have been onto him for those things instead.

I’m sick of the liberal community giving him a free pass in everything. When will it all fucking end? Why do people refuse to be honest about Barack Obama? If the reason it’s because he is black and they are afraid of the race card well, that’s pretty racist if you think about it for a few minutes.


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