Video: ET Williams, “The government has become the “What I can get away with” government”…

Watch this video and learn. This guy, ET Williams aka the Dr. Of Common Sense speaks the truth. I agree with him 100% and it’s what I’ve been trying to tell you guys all along. The government really has become the “What I can get away with” kind of government. Sure, it’s already been like that a little bit under George W. but under Barack Obama, the “What I can get away with” government has gotten much much worse. ET Williams here is so right that our government has become so corrupt. That includes both parties… the GOP and Democrats.

Most people on the right already can see how corrupt the government is but when it comes to liberals? HA!!!! The liberal community view the government as the GOP being the bad guys and they see nothing wrong with the Democrat party. To the liberals, they see the Democrat party as a bunch of good people doing “wonderful” things to America. Liberals wanna view Democrats as heroes and they continue to ignore the corrupt side of them. All the liberals care about is their human rights and “equality” garbage, they don’t care about how bad the government is.

The Government is supposed to serve and protect the citizens but it hasn’t been that way since the past decade or so. Liberals can’t see the criminal side of Barack Obama… when you try to tell them… they’ll call you all kinds of names like bigots, racist and conspiracy theorists.

This guy is so right that the government today has become the “What I can get away with” government. Barack Obama and his administration has successfully gotten away with most everything. He’s gotten away with all the scandals and crimes. He’s gotten away with Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS, all the spying, Obamacare, executive orders, illegal immigration, terrorists trades, gun running shipments, etc. He’s gotten away with so much of it ’cause the Democrat party protected him and allowed him to get away with it. Now the GOP are starting to protect him and allowing him to get away with things.

Obama’s most successful “getting away with something” was his fraudulent birth certificate. He covered his tracks pretty good on that one and he makes it so hard to expose him. He’s like the “Catch Me if You Can” president. Obama is like, “HA HA, you can’t take me down, you bunch of fools. Why don’t you TRY!”. I think you get my point now, right? Obama hasn’t been caught for anything yet ’cause he doesn’t want to get caught. He’s waiting for us to try and catch him and so far all of us have been unsuccessful. Real sad too.


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