Video: This video is perfect to prove how misinformed Obama supporters are… worth a watch…

This video is just entertaining and had a good laugh watching it. WOW! Liberals and Obama supporters really are that dumb. Maybe if they got themselves better informed, they wouldn’t have voted for Barack Obama twice.

Most on the liberal left don’t even know who Bill Ayers is but one guy got it right that he’s a “washed up terrorist”.

I’m pretty sure liberals don’t even know who Frank Marshall Davis and Rev. Jeremiah Wright are either. They probably don’t even know the name Saul Alinsky. They probably can’t even name the three branches of government either. They don’t know about Obama’s past with communism.

This is why the left is so messed up… they get their information from news such as NPR, CNN, NY Times, etc. All news outlets that feed you a bunch of one-sided left wing garbage. This video proves my point on how the left wing media teaches people how to be misinformed and dumb.

You gotta learn to get yourself better informed and think outside the box. Stop believing everything the media tells you.


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