Predictable White House won’t comment on Kate Steinle murder then blames murder on Republicans…

Obama telling Josh Earnest what he wants answered at the press during press briefing. The White House is so pathetic. I don’t see how people could support those corrupt people. Kate Steinle a young woman just enjoying a day in San Francisco with her father and then she gets shot and killed all of a sudden. Her father just witnessed his daughter being shot and killed in front of his own eyes. This could have been your daughter, wife or girlfriend. It could have been anyone.

Yet everyone wants to be politically correct over this as usual. The PC police out in full force. Media trying to get us not to be quick to judge illegal immigrants and even Republicans like Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are trying to tell us not to judge.

Here it comes America, first we had to respect blacks for doing bad things and committing crime… now they’re doing the same with undocumented Mexicans. Undocumented Mexicans is the new race card now. You wanna talk down on Mexicans, be expect to be called a racist and people will be quick to yell at you with comments like, “Don’t judge”. Racist this and racist that. Man, I’m fuckin’ sick of it all!!! That’s all the left can do is call everyone and everything racist.

It’s real sad. All this shows is that it’s further proof that people can’t take the truth that undocumented people are really bad people.

The shooter Juan Francisco should have been in jail for this but they just dropped the charges and let him free. Kate Steinle deserves her justice. Juan Francisco deserves life in prison for that but it looks like he’s not gonna get it due to the “politically correct”.

The left tries to make people believe that Muslims are not terrorists and now the left is trying to make us believe that undocumented Mexicans aren’t bad people. Either way, they don’t like the truth.

What happened with Kate Steinle, we will get more of this if we don’t close the borders soon.


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