Liberals who get upset at people who are anti-Obama are a bunch of losers…

I get stupid liberals being upset at my anti-Obama stuff all the time. Still do to this day but you know what? I don’t care. I just ignore them all and keep doing what I do. It’s getting more and more pointless to debate with liberals about Barack Obama ’cause talking to liberals is like talking to a brick wall, ya know? They’ll never listen to you. All they’ll do is attack you, call you a bunch of names and accuse you a bunch of stupid things. Like, they’ll accuse you of watching too much FOX News or listening to too much Rush Limbaugh. They’ll also accuse you of looking at wrong sources. Whenever somebody talks badly about their precious Obama, liberals will do whatever they can to make you look dumb and unintelligent.

Liberals don’t even know how to debate politics. Debating politics requires talking facts and getting into intelligent discussions. Liberals don’t do that. All they do is attack you and call you names like bigots, racists & conspiracy theorists nutjobs.

That’s why it’s best to ignore liberals completely. Liberals are dead to me. It’s why I got out of facebook ’cause that social networking site is too liberal for my tastes. Liberals still try to post on this blog but I just ignore their comments. I ignore liberals everywhere else too.

When liberals get upset at people’s anti-Obama, I view it as them not liking the truth and they can’t stand it so they fight and argue with you. I don’t get why liberals get so obsessed with defending Barack Obama so much. When you try to tell liberals how Obama really is, all they’ll do is either attack you or just laugh it off. Like I repeatedly said before, liberals won’t listen to real people like me… they’ll only believe what the mainstream media says to them. It’s so true, ya know?

It can’t be that difficult at all to see how much of a piece of garbage Barack Obama really is. Liberals still pretend there is nothing wrong with him. It’s getting old and annoying. I think it’s because that the mainstream media refuses to be honest about Barack Obama… I believe that’s why so many people haven’t woken about him yet. The dishonest and corrupted news media is the big problem.

The thing is, I don’t mind people getting pissed at my anti-Obama ’cause it’s pretty much what I do it for to begin with. I want to let people know who they just voted for twice in office. Libtards getting all over me isn’t gonna stop me. It’s just motivation to keep me doing it even more. I don’t do this to make everyone happy or to make friends. I do this to educate people and tell the truth. When people get mad at the truth, it’s pretty clear that they can’t take it.

Barack Obama is not the hero that the media tries to make him out to be. He’s a madman. Very dangerous and evil. It’s amazing to me that so many still support this jackass when they shouldn’t and now even more people support him ’cause he gave them their gay marriage. It’s just messed up. People are really whacked and delusional, what can I say?

People are afraid to face the truth these days and them getting mad at Donald Trump over illegal immigration is proof of that.

I’m not worried about liberals getting pissed at me ’cause I enjoy it and it’s fun. It’s fun to drive liberals mad. It also shows what kind of people they really are: dumb, uneducated and ignorant. I’m not gonna stop hammering Obama until that man is held accountable and thrown in jail. Even if he leaves office in 2017, I still won’t stop hammering him. You think I’m gonna stop and move on when he leaves office, if he does? HELL TO THE FREAKIN’ NO!!!! I won’t stop and I don’t care if anyone out there doesn’t like it. This man needs to be stopped and thrown in jail.

You wanna unfriend/block me in social networking or stop supporting me for telling the truth, that’s fine. I do this to educate people and tell everyone who he really is. You gotta stop believing what the media tells you ’cause today’s news is all garbage… all of it. Today’s news is like the tabloids pretty much. None of it is true or credible.

Once again, we just want people to wake up. That’s all we’re doing.


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