Seems like anybody who tells the truth about Obama is immediately labelled as a bad person and crazy…

Whenever you want to tell the truth about Barack Obama and what’s going on with the United States, chances are you’re gonna get called a bad person… you’ll get immediately labelled as crazy, insane, delusional, etc. That’s what people like Donald Trump, Dinesh D’ Souza, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent go through. They’re not alone though ’cause conservatives who aren’t famous like me go through it everyday. It’s getting much worse too. The liberal left don’t like people talking shit about their precious Barack. Well that’s tough shit. We don’t hate on him for no reason. When a president treats America badly, he’s gonna get treated badly by the American people in return… that’s how it goes. Liberals defending Barack Obama is not gonna solve anything. They are their own worst enemy. When they defend Barack, they’re only showing their true colors. Showing how hateful and negative those people can be.

We should be able to criticize and talk shit about Barack Obama all we want to but each time we do, people give us so much shit for it. Like I said before, we don’t do it to seek attention and we don’t do it to get all over liberals. We do it out of love for the country and we do it to educate people but nope. Liberals gotta listen to what the media says and not listen to us. All we’re doing is giving people a reality check.

Liberals get pissed ’cause they can’t take the truth.

It’s very strange how we can’t be honest about our president when we should be allowed to. Anti-Obama people aren’t bad and we’re not crazy either. We just tell it like it is. I just don’t understand why we get a lot of backlash for doing it. I still get a liberal backlash but I just ignore it all. I just continue to do what I do.

I’m pretty positive though that if we get a Republican president in the White House like say Donald Trump for example, liberals will be shitting all over him. They’ll cry for impeachment and all that stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are successful at getting a Republican president impeached when they should be able to do the same to a Democrat.

The Obama obsession by the left is really creepy and scary. Obama doesn’t deserve to be defended like that. He deserves all the backlash for how he’s treating the country.

It’s real sad how we get labelled as bad and crazy for telling the truth about Barack Obama when we should be looked at as heroes. I definitely blame the news media for that.

That’s okay though, anti-Obama people are not doing any harm when they tell the truth about Barack Obama. When liberals get mad, it’s a good thing. All it’s proving is how misinformed they really are. They just want to side with their party… they don’t care about the truth. Period.


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