Obama leaves Kenya, got to see most family but snubs his half-brother Malik Obama???

Obama boarding Air Force One to head to Ethiopia, his next tax-payer stop in Africa. While Obama only stayed in Kenya for two days, he got to see most of his family members that were there except there is one that he didn’t see.


I didn’t see any news reports where Obama’s half-brother Malik and Barack got together but it looks like they didn’t at all. I can see why since Malik Obama said a bunch of negative stuff about Barack.


Barack probably wanted nothing to do with Malik. If Barack wanted to see him, Barack would have. If Malik went over to see Barack, I’m sure Malik would have been told to leave. Maybe Malik and Barack never got along too well over the years and they hate each other? Who knows.

It is interesting watching all of this, though. I’m noticing that the Kenyan community is getting bigger in social media. I even gotten into a little debate with a Kenyan man in facebook over Obama. I wasn’t afraid to tell him that Obama did a lot of damage to America and told the Kenyan man, “You can keep him ’cause we don’t want him here”. His reply? He said, “We’ll be glad to keep him but he’s the President of the United States”. *rolls eyes*


2 thoughts on “Obama leaves Kenya, got to see most family but snubs his half-brother Malik Obama???”

    1. No, I decided to go back to facebook. I’ve got a few friends in there that I like to talk to on a regular basis. I felt bad for leaving like that so I went back.


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