Predictable Obama mentions “birth certificate” in Kenya and jokes about it…

Yep, I think the only reason he went to Kenya is to drive those “birthers” crazy and he just did here. It is also no surprise to see that Obama is continuing to make claims that he is “American born” while he’s there. What part of “homecoming” can’t you understand? It’s pretty obvious Obama was born there ’cause he has too many family members there.

It is interesting to see what went on during Obama’s trip in Kenya. Like I said, Obama seems to be more patriotic and more supportive to Kenya than here, wake the hell up America. Obama wants to improve Kenyan lives and get rid of Kenyan corruption but what about making our lives better and getting rid of corruption over here? That’s probably the reason he became president of the US was so he can make Kenya a better country than ours. Obama seems to be more happy in Kenya than here. In all those videos I’ve seen of Obama in Kenya, he looks like he’s very happy and having the time of his life there.

Anybody who believes that his birth certificate is authentic only because he showed it himself on TV is a dumbass and naive. Most of us in America hasn’t fallen for it ’cause we’re not naive like most people.

Even if Obama was born in the USA, he still isn’t eligible to be president either way ’cause both parents must be born on US soil and Obama’s father was born in Kenya. It’s been long debated that Obama is a US citizen and “legal” ’cause Anne Dunham was born in Kansas but that doesn’t count ’cause Obama wasn’t born on or after Nov. 14th, 1986. Both parents must be born on US soil so either way, Barack Jr. is still undocumented and a fraud.

A lot of people read this info wrong:

It’s funny how people are quick to question Ted Cruz’s and Bobby Jindal’s background but everybody wants to defend Obama’s background. Makes me sick.


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