Obama, “I’m the first Kenyan-American to be president”… huh???

In the past, Obama used to refer himself as a 100% American. Now he’s referring to himself as “Kenyan-American” which to me it looks like he’s admitting that he’s not all the way American. He’s trying to imply that he’s American of Kenyan descent but in order to be Kenyan-American, you have to be born in Kenya living in America. I think by mistake, Obama just admitted that he was born in Kenya when he didn’t realize what he was saying.

Obama is too predictable… he just went to Kenya just to drive those “birthers” crazy and if he went over there to do that, something ‘s gotta be up, right?

So here it is folks, Obama confessed to being Kenyan born. Straight from the man himself. He’s no longer hiding it.


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