Video: E.T. Williams, “Barack Obama hates everything about himself”…

E.T. Williams aka the Doctor Of Common Sense is dead on about Obama once again. It really does seem like Obama hates everything about himself. Is Barack Obama suffering depression? Is he suicidal? Is that why Iran made that image of Obama pointing a gun to his head? Could this be why Obama is a crackhead? Could this be why Obama is doing all these golf trips, fundraisers and other world trips to get away from Michelle? Is Barack and Michelle fighting behind the scenes?

If you think Barack Obama had a good life growing up, think again. His childhood wasn’t very good at all. If Obama hates himself then why did he become president? I think the reason why he became president is ’cause he’s doing it as a retaliation. Obama wasn’t given a good life and had a horrible childhood growing up so now he’s playing revenge and taking it all out on America ’cause he didn’t have a life that he was hoping for.

Obama is a man with a lot of mental problems. If you think he is a normal guy, you’re so wrong on that. Barack Obama who ever he really is needs a lot of psychological help for sure. It’s a shame to see the MSM continue to defend him and it’s a shame to see that liberals can’t see that. Obama has a lot of problems… it’s been said that he’s been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder.


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