Princess Leia of “The Force Awakens” is my favorite character poster out of them all!

If you seen the recent photos of Carrie Fisher lately, you can see that she is aging. Carrie Fisher looks nothing like the young Princess Leia from the original trilogy. I’ll have to say that the film makers did one helluva job making Carrie look like Princess Leia again which I’m pretty sure was a big challenge for them to do due to her aging and gaining a little weight over the years. I bet it took them hours to make her look like Princess Leia again. It probably took them a lot of makeup and hairstylist work for sure in order to get her look right. Carrie’s look changed over the years as she got older but she now looks like Leia again as she did in the original trilogy.

I’m sure Carrie still has the acting chops too and I’m sure she can still play the Leia role well. She hasn’t played the role in many many years so I’m sure she had to practice her lines a lot to get the character right again. Carrie doesn’t work in Hollywood that much. She was just a co-star and did cameos in many other movies over the years so I’m sure she’s not used to playing in huge roles like this. Leia maybe older in “The Force Awakens” but I’m sure she’ll still be the same Leia from the original trilogy.

Oh yeah, some people are still wondering why there’s no Luke in the new character posters. Well, I still believe Luke is none other than Kyle Ren ’cause there’s plenty of rumors that Luke went to the dark side. Even Mark said that he pitched the idea to George Lucas that Luke should go to the dark side a long time ago but it looks like George wouldn’t go for the idea and it’s looking like JJ Abrams took the idea himself. Yep, I believe Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren. So when people claim that Luke is missing from the posters and trailers… he wasn’t missing at all ’cause he was Kylo Ren after all this time. I’m betting your money on it, folks.


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