Obama gets put on the cover of a LGBT magazine, would he just come out of the closet already???

Is this magazine trying to “Out” Obama? That’s kind of what it’s looking like to me. Trying to get him to come out. Everybody knows he’s gay, no doubt about it. That’s part of why they put him on the cover of a lesbian and gay magazine ’cause even they probably suspect it.


Sometimes I don’t get people. You want to say that Obama might be a closeted homosexual in which he definitely is, liberals will go, “You can’t say that ’cause that’s offensive” but once Obama decides to come out of the closet, liberals will praise him for sure and call him courageous, blah blah blah.

There’s all kinds of evidence out there that proves Obama’s homosexuality… listen to the Larry Sinclair speech in youtube. Look up Donald Young, Nate Spencer and Larry Bland. It’s been well known in Chicago that he frequented gay bars and gay bath houses. All this stuff is pretty well-documented, folks.

Once again, Joan Rivers wasn’t joking around.


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