Ready for new Pee Wee movie tomorrow? Can’t wait!

I know Paul Reubens is a pretty controversial guy but I respect the hell out of the man. Why? Because he’s an honest and hard-working dude who gets things done. The man has a lot of passion for Hollywood and working on movies and he just shows it. Plus, Paul knows exactly what he wants and he goes for it. Like for example, Paul Reubens has been trying to get a new Pee Wee movie off the ground for many years and it’s finally happening.

Paul Reubens is quite a guy… I love how honest he is in interviews when he’s not in character. No matter what you think of Paul, he does LOVE playing the Pee Wee character and you can tell he does have a lot of passion for the character. So all congratulations go to Paul since he fought so hard to get a new Pee Wee movie to happen.

I really do love the Pee Wee character and always had ever since I was a kid. Still do love the character and I’m glad that Paul Reubens is still playing him. Paul knows that Pee Wee is still very popular even to this day and he knows what the fans want.

Can’t wait for “Big Holiday” as I will watch it tomorrow night. I think before I watch “Big Holiday” on Netflix, I’m gonna re-watch “Big Adventure” back to back. I’m a big Pee Wee fan and not ashamed of it either. The character is just too entertaining.


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