Now liberals know exactly how it feels about how the media treats a candidate that Americans like…

I think it’s safe to say that liberals are starting to wake up a bit and realizing that the media picks the president and not the people. People on the right-wing community wants Donald Trump for president but the media doesn’t care what we want. Now liberals are experiencing the same thing with their Bernie Sanders. They are now starting to realize that the media doesn’t care about the will of the American people when it comes to picking the president. They are just starting to realize that the media picks the president and not the people. The media is all about Hillary. The mainstream media is in a desperate attempt to make Hillary president. It’s pretty clear that the media picks the president.

On the right-wing side, the media tried to make Jeb Bush the GOP nominee but they failed miserably. Once Jeb dropped out, then the media tried to make Marco Rubio the GOP nominee… they failed at that too. Now the media is trying to make HIllary the Democrat nominee but will they fail at that too? Yes, I think they will. It seems that the media threw Bernie under the bus. The media broke up with Bernie. That’s because Bernie is catching up to Hillary and now the media is panicking. They’re worried that Bernie might beat Hillary on the Democrat side.

It’s nice to finally see that liberals are waking up about our corrupt media which I’ve been trying to tell you guys about from day 1. The media is in bed with Hillary and Obama, they’ve always has been. Will the media steal another election and make Hillary president just like they made Obama president? I hope not.

Liberals are gonna start fighting back at the media too once the media starts disrespecting Bernie. Now you guys know how we feel about the corporate mainstream media. It’s about time, though. I’d knew you catch on.

If you want to get our country back and let us pick the president then we need to unite and fight back at the media. The media has a raging hard-on for Hillary Clinton and it’s disgusting. All the so-called “journalists” need to wake up and realize nobody likes Hillary. Both sides of the spectrum don’t want HIllary as president either but the media continues to ram Hillary down our throats. The media doesn’t care what we want or how we think and it’s about time that the liberal left finally realized that.

If you want our country back then stop watching or reading the news. Stop supporting the media outlets. We can do it.


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