“If you say I’m offended” or “You can’t say that” then you lose…

I agere with this tweet and I’ve been kind of saying that for a long time now. When discussing politics, I’m always getting stupid liberals crying and whining about what I say. They think I’m too offensive or out of line on a lot of things. I don’t see how I’m being offensive or out of line. I just tell it like it is. I’m only speaking the same things of what other Americans have been thinking. That’s all I’m doing really. Liberals think they can dictate what you can or can’t say. I’m not alone on this ’cause other people go through the same thing.

When liberals go out of their way to say “I’m offended” or “You Can’t Say That”, it really does mean that they lost the debate. So when they try to silence you, they go out of their way to call you “racist”, “bigots”, “sexist” or whatever names liberals throw around these days.

There are a couple of losers who follow this blog that should be nameless who get offended at almost everything I post and they’ve had called me those names that I listed above.

Liberals dictating people who disagree with them is getting old, I’m real tired of it and I still deal with that garbage today. We should be able to express opinions and thoughts however we want to. If we don’t like “gay marriage” then we should be able to say it. If we don’t like Muslims and think they’re terrorists then we should be able to say it. If we think illegal immigrants are dangerous and violent people then we should be able to say it. If we don’t like abortion and hate everything abortion stands for then we should be able to say it. If we think people are dumb with their politics and think they are low info voters then we should be able to say it.

Liberals find the stuff that we say offensive and “out of line” ’cause I blame that on the media pretty much. The media teaches them how to dictate what we can or can’t say and liberals actually buy into that stuff. Whatever the news tells them, they will follow. They’re just being brainwashed by sites like “Being Liberal”, “Occupy Democrats”, “RAW Story”, “Media Matters” and news stations like CNN, MSNBC and CBS. Also online newspapers like The Washington Post and The NY Times. Those are all stuff that feeds them liberals one-sided opinions.

When people have different views than theirs, they’re looked at as bad people.

In my mind, when liberals say they’re offended or you can’t say that, then they either lost the debate or they can’t take the truth. Take your pick. I’m tired of liberals getting offended at everything and that’s the biggest problem we’re having in America. I’ve had liberals throw temper tantrums at me ’cause I’ve said stuff they disagreed with. Then they’ll do whatever it takes to silence you, call you names like “racist” or whatever. That’s what they do when they can’t think of anything else to say.

That’s why they aren’t good debaters at all ’cause liberals really are horrible at debating politics. They really do suck at it.

We gotta do something about political correctness in this country for sure which is why Donald Trump gets my full support. We should be allowed to say things without everybody getting offended at everything.


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