So the media against Bernie Sanders now ’cause he’s catching up to Hillary???

Maybe liberals will finally see how corrupt and one-sided the media really is after the way the mainstream media is treating Bernie Sanders all of a sudden. I’m not a big fan of Bernie at all but I do find it odd on how there’s less media coverage on Bernie just because he’s catching up to Hillary in the primaries.

It just proves even further that the only person that the media wants for president is Hillary Clinton. That’s the only reason why the media tries to stop Donald Trump and the GOP candidates. The media is trying make HIllary president for sure.

I remember the media used to have a hard-on for Bernie Sanders but now they don’t like him anymore ’cause he’s doing well on the democrat side. They’re getting worried that Bernie is gonna beat Hillary. I’m not a big fan of Bernie at all but I honestly hope he wins the nomination ’cause anybody is better than Hillary, right? I’d love to see Donald debate Bernie too ’cause that would be an entertaining debate as well. I don’t think Bernie can handle Trump either. I dare Bernie talk to Trump about free college, I double dare him.


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