When is the new Metallica album coming? Will it actually come out this year?

One thing I find pretty unfair is how Metallica gets criticized for taking a long time to make an album. Really? I think it’s actually a good thing that Metallica takes their time making an album ’cause they just want to make it really good, ya know? In this day and age, there are way too many bands rushing to make albums. Rushing an album isn’t a good idea ’cause most bands that rush to get their albums made quickly usually don’t turn out good anyways. I love it when bands & artists take their time to make an album. Keep in mind that making an album is not an easy job as it looks. It really isn’t. Many bands & artists make their album differently. Making an album can be a lot of work and can be an overwhelming job.

First, a band has to do all of their tracking. Like recording all the instruments, the vocal tracks and then they have to put it all together to make a song. Then they have to do all the mixing and mastering which will usually take a long time. Making an album is not easy at all. Sometimes it can take a year or way longer to make an album.

I’m gonna wait patiently for the new Metallica album and I say they should take however long they want to make the album. Try to make it as best as possible, ya know? It’s pretty lame that bands would rush to get their albums made ’cause a lot of times making an album doesn’t work like that.

I’ve read a lot of interviews with bands through Guitar World and read a lot of rock memoirs so I’ve read how these famous rock stars make their albums. Once again, making an album isn’t easy as it looks.

A lot of Metallica fans complained and bitched about how horrible “St. Anger”, “Load” and “Re-load” were. They complained how those three albums were rushed so Metallica decided to take their time with “Death Magnetic” which they did but fans are still complaining. Once this new album comes out whenever they get it done, fans will be bitching and complaining about this one too. Just wait for it. I don’t get these so called Metallica fans. They want them to make a new album but once they put the new album out for them, the fans will still be complaining. I’ve always felt that Metallica can’t make their fans happy no matter what they do even though they try.

Lars Ulrich kept saying that the new Metallica album will be out in the fall of this year but the new album could end up getting out next year in 2017 instead. Who knows. I say they should take their time with it. I’ve always been a huge Metallica fan no matter what they did. Yes, I still believe “St. Anger”, “Load and “Re-load” were all great albums. I even thought “Lulu” with Lou Reed was great as well. I’m sure their new record will be great. What will the style of the new record will be like? You just never know what direction the band will go in this new album ’cause they’re always doing different things each album they do. Give them more time and they’ll release the new record soon.



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