Just bought 6 albums from Itunes today…

Today I purchased and downloaded 6 albums from Itunes store. Here are the albums I just got for my Ipod Touch:

– Steve Vai: “Modern Primitive” & “Passion & Warfare” (25th Anniversary Edition)
– Iron Maiden: “Fear of the Dark”
– Megadeth “Rust In Peace” & “Peace Sells But Who’s Buying”
– Metallica: “Black Album”

I don’t listen to Steve Vai much at all but the only album I’ve heard of his was “Passion & Warfare” which is a classic album so I got the 25th Anniversary Edition along with Vai’s brand new album, “Modern Primitive”. I bought those two albums ’cause I’ve read Vai’s interview in this months Guitar World with him on the cover. Reading that great and insightful interview made me want to get these two albums. I was never much of a Steve Vai fan but I should listen to him more, though and I’m trying.

I love Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Metallica. Iron Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark” is one of my favorite albums they’ve done and always wanted my own copy. I also always wanted Megadeth’s two classic albums “Rust In Peace” and “Peace Sells” which both albums are masterpieces, finally got my own copy of those. As for Metallica’s “Black Album”, I used to have that album on physical CD but lost it so I re-bought it digitally.

I listen to all sorts of music but I mostly listen to rock, prog rock & metal as you can see. A lot of people are against buying music from Itunes but I don’t really mind. I actually prefer to buy music digitally than buying them on physical CD these days. I’ll have another blog post on that another time.



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