Sad that people actually believe the lies that Trump is falling behind Hillary in the polls, total bullshit!

So all the media giants are making up lies about the polls… claiming that Trump is falling behind Hillary which you know is a big load of bullshit. I know all the polls that claims Trump is tanking in the polls are bullshit and here is a pretty good article that does a good job debunking those claims.

Trump is still drawing massive crowds at his rallies and Hillary can’t even pull in a crowd at all so it doesn’t make any sense to say that Hillary is higher than Trump in the polls. Plus, if you look at the online polls on “Who will you vote for”, the polls that you can put in your vote yourself… Trump gets the most votes than anybody so the media polls are obviously a bunch of lies.

The media is not factual based anymore. The media is nothing but fiction these days. I feel that today’s news are the new “tabloids”.

Really sad that people take what the media says seriously. Not only NeverTrumpers actually believe in the fake polls, there are even some Trump supporters who believe the polls are real and some Trump supporters are starting to worry about him. The media making lies about the polls during elections is nothing new, though ’cause they’ve done this lots of times before.

Trump is still doing fine in the election. The media will do whatever it takes to make Hillary look good, that’s all they’re trying to do really but we’re not falling for it.

NeverTrumpers believe that it’s over for Trump but it’s not. We will prove them wrong on Nov. 8th ’cause Nov. 8th is the only poll that matters. We will prove them wrong about the polls when Trump wins by a landslide on Nov. 8th. When Trump wins on Nov. 8th, we can watch them implode and go crazy. It’s gonna be entertaining as hell when we prove the NeverTrumpers wrong. Sad that people still believes everything the media says ’cause I don’t. I don’t trust the media at all.

Ya know, the more I see that NeverTrumpers want Trump to fail in the election the more I see that they want Hillary elected over Trump. They’ll never admit it but it’s true. They’re closet Hillary supporters for sure.



3 thoughts on “Sad that people actually believe the lies that Trump is falling behind Hillary in the polls, total bullshit!”

  1. Well…here’s one for the books…


    Crooked Hillary makes it to the White House but with her failing health can’t fulfill her duties we now have a

    President Tim Kaine 😱😱😱

    How frightening is that?

    1. That could actually happen if you think about it. Unless, Joe Biden gets himself on the ballot in replacement of Hillary. I know they have a backup plan if Hillary can’t make it. No matter what they try to pull Donald Trump is gonna win the presidency.


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