Hillary’s health is declining pretty badly, just wait until she debates Trump in Sept/Oct…

Will she be able to handle the debates in Sept./Oct when she faces Trump in person for the first time? This bitch can barely stand ’cause as you can see in the photos above, she is sitting behind Joe Biden as he speaks but looks like she’s about to fall asleep and when Hillary hops off the limo, Joe had to hold her so she could stand up.

I wonder how she can take the debates when she debates Trump later this year?

Man, with her declining health, I don’t think she could debate Trump. She can’t handle a guy like him. He could end up giving her a heart attack when he gets too aggressive over her. I’m telling you right now, y’all. Hillary can’t take a man like Donald Trump during a debate and I can’t wait for the first one. He’s gonna rip her to shreds. He’ll wipe the evil smile off of her face and give her a heart attack. She’ll probably only last for one debate with Trump and then it’s over for Hillary. It’ll be interesting to see how she’s gonna last with him. She could end up dropping out of the race and quitting ’cause she won’t be able to take the heat from Trump. Watch it, y’all. I know I’m gonna be right on this.

The debates are gonna be very entertaining if she can make it. Will she be able to make the debates? I really hope so ’cause I want to see Trump destroy Hillary to her face. It’s gonna be entertaining as hell. Trust me!



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