I’ll admit that I’m good at weightlifting in the gym but I suck at cardio… maybe it’s because I’m getting older?

I go to the gym a lot and trying to keep at it throughout 2017 which I vow to do. I want to become the best shape of my life. Get the body that I’ve always dreamed of. Be in great shape. Have a muscular and fit body that women would drool over like the reason most guys go to the gym for (most of them won’t admit it, they all want the body to please the ladies).

I’m doing a pretty good job at lifting weights… doing the machines and dumbbells. I don’t do barbell stuff too much, though.

However, though, when I try to do cardio… I really suck at that. When I do things like jump roping, running/jogging… I suck at those. I get good at those for a little bit but then I get tired real fast. When I go to boxing bootcamp class at the Y (the gym I work out at), we do a lot of Plyometric cardio stuff like burpees, jumping on a wooden box, lunges on bosu ball, mountain climber workout and things like that. You get the idea, right? In that boxing class, you train like a real boxer would. That’s what I like about it.

All that stuff is cool and fun but man, everytime I do that stuff, it kicks my ass and I’m like out of breath after the boxing bootcamp class is over. I guess it’s a sign of aging, ha, not sure. Could be. Maybe I’ll get better at that stuff the more I do ’em. I just need to practice, I guess.

Maybe age has nothing to do with any of it. I just don’t do other cardio workouts other than walking and biking and I want to do other cardio workouts like more plyometric stuff that I’m learning at the Y. Thanks to that boxing class, I have been learning more plyometric workouts and I’ve been doing that stuff on my own during the week. I really need to get good at cardio so I can build more speed and power in boxing. That’s why professional boxers have to train hard so they can learn to hit faster and build more strength.

I have also been learning a lot of stretching and yoga ’cause I really need the flexibility. I got visible abs pretty good but I need more so I’m gonna get back to a strict nutrition this year too which I already did. Yoga and boxing will definitely get me in shape even more though and it’s working.

One thing I’ve been doing a lot more are planks. Before boxing and yoga, I never did planks before but I’m starting to do them more often. Planks are pretty important. You gotta do them.

I’m serious on sticking with the workout this year throughout 2017 with very little breaks. I want to be the best shape of my life and be physical as I get older. Working out and fitness is awesome. I don’t really need a personal trainer ’cause I’m fine doing all this on my own.




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