Yeah, I definitely plan on getting a MIDI controller this year but also planning on getting a synthesizer…

This year I’m going to be taking electric keyboard playing a little more seriously. Stay committed with that stuff. All week, I’ve been looking at MIDI controllers and synthesizers online and I’ve been enjoying it.

The synthesizer I’ve been looking at online is the Novation MiniNova which looks pretty cool. The Novation Mininova is about $400 so it’s not bad at all.

I would like to get a synthesizer sometime ’cause I would like to make instrumental music sometime down the road. Wouldn’t it be cool if I made instrumental guitar music with electronica sounds in the background? I could make instrumental space music with lead guitar playing over it. Play instrumental shred music inspired by my heroes Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, etc.

I really want to get into keyboards and synthesizers and things like that. I’m not giving up the guitar, I just want to experiment with something new. I’m honestly getting tired of acoustic music and want to branch out, discover some new things.


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