Trump doing all the things he’s been promising and driving liberals insane even more… LOVING IT!


So Trump actually going to build a wall. Banning Muslims/Refugees in the USA. Trying to repeal and replace Obamacare. Soon he’s going to announce a new justice for the Supreme Court in replacement for Scalia. People didn’t think Trump would do all these things. Well, he’s actually doing them and it’s driving liberals insane. Liberals heads has been exploding over Trump’s anti-abortion policies as well. All week long in my facebook page, I’ve seen liberals getting scared to death over the Wall, the Muslim ban and the anti-abortion policies. It’s all entertaining to watch.

While I don’t agree with President Trump being friendly with Hillary and Barack; other than that, Trump is doing a terrific job so far. I’m so impressed with the man. He’s making me feel like an American now. He’s making me love this country even more.

I’ve never seen presidents in the past work this hard. Trump worked all week, even on weekends. There’s no break with this guy at all. Trump gets up early in the morning and works ’til like late at night in the Oval Office.

Ever since Trump got in office, things are already looking good for America. Jobs are slowly starting to come back, the dow jones are way up and Trump just killed the TPP. Trump confirmed the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines are actually happening which is good news. Trump is doing a great job.

The days of “All Talk and No Action” are over. Time to stop talking about things and actually do them. I always knew that Trump  is the real deal. Didn’t take me long to figure it out.

It’s a shame that the media won’t stop attacking him, though. All that proves is how one-sided the media is. They’re in bed with liberal political figures. Liberals will always be on one side which saddens me really. Who cares, though. We got Trump and that’s all it matters. He’s doing an amazing job so far and hope he keeps up the good work.



One thought on “Trump doing all the things he’s been promising and driving liberals insane even more… LOVING IT!”

  1. Just for a heads up…

    If those Liberals give you a hard time

    The Law Trump put into play with refugees not coming into the US

    Is actually a Law by Obama and his flunky from the DHS Jay Johnson

    The Countries were also chosen by Obama

    I may not have this title exactly right

    Visa Waiver Program Act 2015

    Trump is actually brilliant to do something like that

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