Female celebs still having a “nude” photos leaking problem… it’s their fault really… sad no one will admit it…

So apparently female celebs are still having a nude pics leaking problem. People stealing their nude pics from their Iphones or Iclouds or whatever. WWE star and diva, Paige is the latest victim. Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried are also victims.


Each time this happens, the hacker or the thief will always get the blame and they always get the backlash for it. Hey don’t me wrong, it’s terrible that men would steal pics from female celebs and leak ’em online but in a way, it’s her fault all the way. Why? It’s because it’s her who took the pics of herself or filming videos of performing sex acts with her boyfriend. The women never get the blame for this. Instead, people feel sorry for them and will support them. If you blame the woman, people will call you a misogynist or accuse you of degrading her and all that crap.

Thing is, women don’t really need to be doing these things… taking nude pics or filming sexual acts for their significant others or their friends. How about having some respect for yourself? It’s really funny to me that each time these things happen… the woman will cry, “invasion of privacy” each time. You invaded your own privacy ’cause you’re the one who took the pics and the videos. If you don’t want that stuff getting out there then you shouldn’t have done it in the first place. Makes sense doesn’t it? Think about it.

It’s always the hacker/thief’s fault, never the women. So ridiculous. It’s sad that people won’t hold her responsible but instead they show her support and say things like, “respect a woman’s privacy”. I’m not defending the hacker/thief for doing it, what they do is terrible but all I’m saying that the women needs to be more careful with this technology.

If they want to take nude pics or film sexual videos of themselves, don’t do it on their Iphones ’cause it’s risky. You need to take responsibility for your own privacy and be careful either that or don’t do it at all. Enough said?

It’s ridiculous that people feel sorry for her and show her support. The media wants people to feel sorry for her, that’s what they do.




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