Now that Undertaker is done with wrestling, will they finally put him in the Hall of Fame for next year’s ‘Mania? I would think that is next for him…

I can understand why Undertaker and WWE don’t want to put Undertaker in the WWE Hall of Fame yet. Probably the reason is, they wanted to keep the Deadman gimmick mysterious and if they put him in the Hall of Fame, it would ruin the character. It would have made Undertaker look like a regular person and not a Deadman, know what I mean? Now that the Undertaker is no more, they are probably free to put him in the Hall of Fame. Hopefully that will be for next year’s ‘Mania.

Now that the Undertaker is done, Wrestlemania will no longer be the same without him. I believe Wrestlemania continued on to become huge successes because of ‘Taker. Over the years of his life and career, I haven’t seen anybody say anything negative about him. Not even other wrestlers said anything negative about him ’cause ‘Taker was always considered a locker room leader. Everyone in the business respected him and looked up to him.

I’m sure the WWE are gonna try to create new gimmicks similar to the Undertaker but no matter what they try to pull, no one would be able to replace the Undertaker. No one will top the Undertaker.

He’s gonna be missed but hey, superstars come and go in the wrestling business. That’s just the way it is. Undertaker wasn’t the first wrestler who retired publicly on WWE TV… superstars who also retired on TV: Edge, Daniel Bryan, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin and maybe some others. There are some wrestlers who are still semi-retired but only perform occasionally like the Rock, Triple H and a few others.

I expect the Undertaker to appear on RAW tonight so he can deliver his farewell speech which should be interesting.

After seeing all this, I’m realizing we don’t have many superstars from the past left. There are only very few longtime superstars that are still with us today… we still have Chris Jericho, Big Show, Goldust and we still have Kane. A lot of rumors swirling around that Kane maybe retiring this year.

This explains why we have so many new wrestlers in the industry today ’cause all the guys from the past are gone from the business so gotta bring in new stars to keep the business alive.


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