Wrestling fans may despise Roman Reigns now but give it time, he’ll become a fan favorite in the future!

Like the title of this topic says, wrestling fans may despise Roman Reigns right now but a few years from now, I think Reigns will soon become a fan favorite. Why do people hate Reigns so much? Is it because he beats fan favorites? Is it because of his wrestling skills? Is it because of his mic work? I think it’s a combination of all three.

The main reason people despise the guy so much is that he was handpicked by Vince McMahon to be the top guy in WWE when fans thinks others deserve it more. Vince has been so high on Roman Reigns, Vince wants Reigns to be the face of the company. John Cena used to be the top guy in the WWE who everyone hates but since everyone likes Cena now… Vince wants Reigns to be the WWEs’ top guy. Fans don’t like that.

To me, I find no problem with Reigns. I think the dude is a complete badass and I mean that. I think Reigns has got a great look and I honestly think he’s one of the best wrestlers we have right now. Fans just won’t admit that he’s a great wrestler and he is. Reigns is right up there with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Owen Hart. I really mean that too.

Like I said, the wrestling community may despise Roman Reigns but give it time… there will be a time when everyone will realize that Reigns is something special and he’ll soon become the top babyface in WWE. Babyface aka a hero and good guy wrestler.

Keep in mind, guys, that when wrestlers like: The Undertaker, Stone Cold, The Rock and Triple H they all started off as heels for a long while. People hated all those guys when they first came to WWF/WWE. It took wrestling fans a long while to realize that those guys I mentioned were something special and now those guys are top babyfaces in the company. The same happened with Randy Orton, he too started off as a heel but everyone loved him later.

I think the same will happen with Roman Reigns. The WWE are gonna try to figure out a way to get fans to love him sometime down the road, trust me. I think Reigns will become the next Stone Cold and Rock someday in the future. This is how the Undertaker’s retirement will help Reigns.

I know fans are gonna hate on me for liking Roman Reigns but I think the dude is awesome. Great performer and great wrestler. Probably one of the best in the industry right now. Sorry wrestling fans but Reigns is never going away. He’s gonna be in WWE for a pretty long time. Vince knows what he’s doing. He ain’t dumb like you think.


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