Gonna start a pedal collection so I can create my own pedalboard…

I used to be against guitar effects but lately I’ve had a change of heart with guitar effects once I checked out the AmpliTube app for the Ipad. AmpliTube which is a guitar simulation software. Hook your electric guitar to your Ipad, launch AmpliTube amp and on the software allows you to play around with built in effects in the amp. After fooling around with many guitar effects in that amplitube software, I was like: “Woah, maybe guitar effects can be useful after all”? So after fooling around with AmpliTube for a long while, I figure I want to start getting my own pedals, real ones.

I want to buy as many pedals as I can ’cause if I want to play rock n’ roll or hardrock maybe even metal, I’ll need effects. I’ll want to create all kinds of different and unique sounds for my original electric songs.

I’m planning to build my own pedalboard so sometime this year I’m going to buy a pedal board so I can set my pedals on it but first, I gotta get more pedals and I will. When I order that guitar that I have my eye on, I think I’m going to order a few pedals to go along with it instead of a guitar case to go with it. I’ll get the guitar case another time. For now, I want to focus on building a pedal collection. Along with the Jackson electric that I plan on ordering, I’m planning on ordering the Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face pedal and a delay pedal to go along with it.

I want to get as much pedal effects as much as possible: I’m gonna get fuzz, delay, phasers, chorus, octave, tremolo, reverb, volume, etc. I want to get it all really!

I already have a distortion pedal, overdrive and a wah wah pedal but need more.

I want to make some serious rock n’ roll and you can’t do that when you want to play clean guitar sounds all the time so I need effects. I used to dislike guitar pedals but now I love ’em and want to start a collection. They can be useful for some things. They can be great for songwriting.



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