Sylvester Stallone from broke & homeless to rich and famous… most hollywood celebs suck but Sly is undeniably cool!

If this isn’t impressive then I don’t know what else it is. I’ve been following Sly’s career for years and the man is such an inspiration to me in so many ways. Before Sly’s fame in Hollywood, he was pretty much a nobody. Didn’t have much going on in his life ’cause he was broke and homeless. Living in the streets with his dog and all. He got into acting and into the movie business ’cause he didn’t know what else to do with his life. Well the man certainly knew how to build himself up and knew how to be a fighter. He went from nobody to somebody. It was a slow process to get where he is today but he did good and he’s doing well for himself now.

Once again, most celebrities didn’t do anything to earn their fame & fortune well Sly did. He worked real hard for it. Nobody is perfect. We’re all gonna have ups and downs in our lives, even me.

My life isn’t perfect and there are things in my life that could be better and since I’m in my 40’s now, I still have plenty of time to improve my life. I’m working on that. I would like to get myself a full time job and hopefully get a family of my own. It’s not too late for that stuff.

So does Sly deserves all that money and fame that he got? Absolutely. I remember back in the 90’s and early 2000’s years Sly was in a big career slump. Kept releasing box office bomb after another but today Sly is back into being a successful actor again.

Most movie stars didn’t work for their fame and fortune, Sly did. You can’t deny that Sly’s story is pretty inspirational to you, right? He deserves more respect for sure!



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