Why we’re about to see a lot more Barack Obama now that he’s no longer president… he’s gotta continue to make his money somehow, right?

So Barack Obama had his first public speech since leaving office in which I’m sure Barack was paid quite a bit for that speech. Ya think, right? Now that Barack is no longer in office, that means he won’t be using our tax paying money just to do whatever he wants for fun stuff like golfing, vacations & things like that. I’m feeling we’re going to see a lot more Barack in the future now that he’s finally back in the public eye.


I can see Barack doing more political speeches like at more colleges and things like that just to continue to make his money. Plus, Obama’s got that $60 million book deal with Michelle coming out and I’m pretty sure that Obama is gonna do a book tour. Ya know, like do autograph signings for that book and more boring speeches to help promote the stupid book. Even though Obama is no longer president, he still thinks the world revolves around him and he’s obviously still trying to destroy America even though he’s no longer president. Obama is quietly trying to remove Trump from office.

As long as Obama’s still standing, he’s going to try to destroy America still so I hope Trump gets the evidence of his wiretapping so Trump can jail Obama and get him out of the public eye for good. We all want Obama gone. So because Obama is no longer the president doesn’t mean we’ll move on and forget about him. We’ll never forget what he did to the USA. He gave us a lot of damage and Obama belongs in federal prison. That’s where he needs to be. If Trump can lock up Obama and Hillary both, re-election guaranteed.

Obama not only needs to be locked up for Trump wiretapping, he needs to be locked up for other gov. crimes like Benghazi, Operation F&F, IRS targeting, fake birth certificate, etc.


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