Last night’s “WWE Payback” ppv was probably the worst ppv of this year… there were only two good matches on it…

Is WWE starting to go downhill again? It looks like it. I watched “WWE Payback” on the Network  last night and it was a horrible ppv. The WWE isn’t always good, though. Sometimes they do get really good and sometimes they get really lame. Last night was really lame.

There were only two great matches last night on “Payback”… I thought Jericho vs. Owens was a really entertaining as hell match. That was the best match of the night and I’m glad Jericho won the USA Title from Owens. I don’t like how the WWE has been using Jericho as of late ’cause he’s a great performer, one of my favorites. I’m glad the WWE finally made Jericho look like a star again ’cause they have been making Jericho look weak for a while now.

I thought the Hardy’s vs. Cesaro & Sheamus was a great tag team match as well. Cesaro & Sheamus turning heel didn’t surprise me, though ’cause I had a feeling it was coming.

Most of last night’s ppv wasn’t that good at all. Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton “House of Horrors” was the stupidest match I’ve seen in a long time. I’m like what was that? This Wyatt vs. Orton storyline is turning out to be some horror film or something. The feud is too gimmicky. I mean, why not focus on the wrestling? This feud is getting stupid. Probably the dumbest storyline since the Triple H & Kane necrophilia bullshit.

The main event with Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman, uuuggghhhh… that was a boring as hell match too. It didn’t end very well.

I don’t know, it wasn’t a very good ppv at all. WWE better step its game up if they want people to watch it again. I’m also getting kind of fed up of how WWE keeps ramming NXT and the Cruiserweight division down our throats. That’s another reason WWE is going downhill. I understand WWE wants to give the new stars the spotlight but there are talented guys who deserve the spotlight too and maybe I’ll have another post on that soon.

I love wrestling and all but like everyone else, I don’t like how Vince McMahon wants to ignore the “wrestling” part of it. He’s so hung up on making wrestling “family entertainment” and I don’t like it either. I miss the old days of wrestling in the 90’s and 2000’s years when it used to be dark & edgy. I miss all the blood and hardcore wrestling, we don’t get that anymore. Sad.



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