Learning more about electric guitars and pickups…

In a blog post when I was talking about my new Mitchell HD400 guitar, I made a mistake about the pickups. When I was talking about the pickups on my new HD400, I called them “Humbuckers” which they aren’t. Humbuckers are covered pickups, these metal objects that cover the coils. I have two humbuckers on my Ibanez Hollowbody electric and on my old Hondo II electric. On my Mitchell HD400, I have two double-coil pickups and a single coil that aren’t “covered”.

The Mitchell HD400 guitar is my first electric guitar that I’ve got with uncovered pickups. I am noticing the differences of sound between a humbucker pickup and uncovered pickups. It’s pretty interesting anyways.

During research, I’m reading that covered pickups will block the humming sounds and other unwanted noise but uncovered, you’ll get the humming sounds. Through uncovered pickups, the sound is a lot brighter than humbuckers, though.

A lot of metal guitarists prefers humbucker pickups more than the uncovered pickups. To be honest, I’m finding that uncovered pickups sound a lot better than the covered humbuckers. The Mitchell HD400 guitar is my first electric with uncovered coils and having a Floyd Rose bridge.

I love my Mitchell HD400. Made in China but fuck it, the guitar is badass and perfect for playing hard rock & metal.

When I start writing hard rock songs, what would they sound like? Like always, I won’t go super heavy but heavy enough. Probably write original songs inspired by the likes of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Megadeth, Metallica, etc. That type of sound.

Vocally, I have been trying to sing like a rock singer. My voice has gotten stronger with more range and more power. Trying to sing like a metal guy with more grit and more growls too.

When I start writing hard rock songs, people might be surprised by some of the stuff I’m planning on writing. I just want to write really tight rock n’ roll. Stuff that metal lovers would like. Plus, make music that I would want to hear for myself. There’s nothing wrong with liking your own music and enjoying your own music. I just want to write songs that I’m proud of, ya know? If my songs make other people proud then I would be flattered by that sure.

I’m definitely am going to focus on electric guitar more ’cause I feel it’s finally time for me to rock. Would I find a drummer and a bass player to jam with? Yeah, definitely. I’m gonna try. Would like to form a band of my own. Been dreaming of that for a long time.



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