The National Enquirer has been right about things before, if they are right about Richard Simmons… it’s not libel…

I know the National Enquirer is a tabloid but do they always make up stuff? Not always! There are times when they actually report “real news” and the more they do that, the more I believe “The National Enquirer” is a credible source of news. The tabloid newspaper has been right on more than one occasion most notably John Edwards affair with Rielle Hunter.

Could the National Enquirer end up being right about Richard Simmons transitioning into a woman?

If this lawsuit gets the greenlight, that means Simmons himself would have to come out of hiding ’cause he might have to appear in court. Simmons maybe asking for money in damages but if he loses and National Enquirer turns out right after all then Simmons will get nothing.

If Simmons disappeared all of a sudden then he’s definitely hiding something. Many on the internet are saying that Simmons abusive housekeeper is holding him captive which is ridiculous, in my opinion. Simmons is a rich man, he can go out anytime he pleases.

He’s absolutely hiding something. What is he afraid of? Why did he turn anti-social all of a sudden? Why did he leave public life and vanish? If you don’t think he has something to hide then you’re definitely messed up.

Is he afraid that his transitioning into a woman might destroy his career?



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