FBI Director, James Comey finally fired but I don’t agree with Trey Gowdy taking over, Sheriff David Clarke please!!!

It’s great news that Comey has finally got the boot as FBI director by President Trump but I don’t agree with Trump supporters choice of Trey Gowdy replacing him. Why? Simply because Trey Gowdy failed the Benghazi investigation. Gowdy should have taken his time with the Select Committee but he rushed it. Gowdy promised he would investigate everything but didn’t do that. Instead, he let Hillary go unscathed. He’s another loser who refuses to jail Hillary.

I don’t get why Trump supporters has a huge hardon for Gowdy when it took him a long time to get on the Trump Train. Remember, Gowdy was all about Rubio before endorsing Trump. Gowdy was weak on illegal immigration too so no Gowdy as FBI director.

I used to love Gowdy but the man disappointed me during his so-called Benghazi investigation. Gowdy even disappointed Trump himself so take that for what you will:


I love other Trump supporters but sometimes I believe even they can be out of touch with a lot of things.

I’m sure Trump will find a great replacement who will take the law seriously. As for my choice for replacement, I think Sheriff Clarke would be perfect. I prefer him over Gowdy, honestly. Read Sheriff Clarke’s book “Cop Under Fire” and you would see that he takes the law very seriously.

I wouldn’t be surprised that Trump will pick a complete unknown as FBI director, though. Whoever he chooses, I’m sure will be great.

This is what “draining the swamp” looks like and it’s only the beginning.



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