Tom Cruise confirms, “Top Gun 2” is happening and might start filming next year…

While promoting “The Mummy” overseas, Tom Cruise dropped the big news that “Top Gun 2” is definitely happening and Tom says it’ll probably start filming next year. Which is good news ’cause the first Top Gun film is definitely one of my favorite films of all time and it’s definitely one of Tom’s best films in his career.

The question is will the original cast reunite for the sequel? Kelly McGillis? Val Kilmer? Tom Skerritt? Skerritt needs to come back ’cause I would like to see the return of “Viper”!

Kelly McGillis is aging, she’s almost sixty now but I think a reunion between Maverick & Charlie would be so cool. She’s gotta come back!

I’m not into romantic movies much but “Top Gun” is good. I do have the first movie on BluRay finally. Picked it up last year.





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