WWE superstar, Paige done with wrestling for good due to serious injury…


Some may say that wrestling is fake, yeah it is… I’m not dumb but injuries do happen for real in wrestling matches. Wrestlers careers have been cut short over the years due to serious injury. For example, stars like Daniel Bryan and Edge were forced to retire due to serious injury… those two guys can’t do it anymore sadly. Neither can Paige ’cause she’s done for good. Paige is a WWE star from the UK who just came back and already she’s injured. Turns out to be a serious injury and her doctors and the WWE are telling her that she’s not allowed to compete in a wrestling ring ever again.


I feel kind of bad for her ’cause she took a lot of sacrifices to leave her home country and come to the USA to pursue her dreams in the wrestling business… now it’s all over. Shame ’cause she was a good performer and she was getting a lot of popularity in the wrestling world. People were loving her.

I’m sure she’s devastated ’cause it seems that wrestling is in her blood. She loved the business for sure. I wish her the best of luck. Even though her wrestling is over, I’m sure she’ll find something different to do in the entertainment business.


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