When it comes to professional wrestlers having problems and people judging them…

This is an awesome tweet that just came up on my twitter feed. Yeah, I do talk wrestling with some other fans on twitter which is awesome. This is probably the best tweet I’ve seen about wrestlers having personal problems and things like that. The tweet is so true, though.

Wrestlers really are human like the rest of us. On TV, they may seem like fictional characters but off TV, they are different. They are human. They talk like us, they eat like us, they have problems like us and they make mistakes like us. Yes, wrestlers have had problems with drugs and alcohol over the years. Wrestlers have had problems with sex tapes getting leaked. They’ve also have had problems with their significant others and spouses. Ya know what? This is something that is called “life”. Life is never gonna be perfect for everyone and the same goes for professional wrestlers. When someone becomes a professional wrestler, you would think that person’s life is all perfect and glamorous but not really. In real life, you would see that the wrestler are just normal people like us.

When wrestlers have problems, wrestling fans in the community would start negatively judging them. For example, stars like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Paige and many others. Hulk Hogan is mostly judged than the rest of them and I find it unfair. Yes, admittedly I had a hand in badly judging Hogan for his problems outside of the ring but I’m done with that. Hulk is actually a very good man in real life, he just gets a lot of bad press. People negatively judge Ric Flair for his problems too. It’s crazy, ya know? People also judged Scott Hall for his alcoholism. Before Chyna passed away, people also judged her pretty badly.

With me, I try not to judge people for their problems. I just do my best by giving them love and prayers. That’s the best you can do, ya know?

When it comes to Hulk Hogan, a lot of times I felt sorry for the guy. He doesn’t deserve all this bad publicity ’cause that man is a wrestling legend. You can hate him or love him all you want to. That fact will never change. Hulk is a wrestling pioneer. Admittedly, I used to hate Hulk Hogan but I don’t anymore. You can’t hate someone forever, ya know?

When will fans stop judging wrestlers for their issues? Each time something happens to a wrestler in his/her personal life, it’s all over the wrestling news sites for the world to see. It’s sad. Sometimes this stuff makes the national news like all the stuff with Hulk Hogan and Gawker.

I think people need to show wrestlers respect ’cause they give us all this entertainment. Without them, the wrestling industry wouldn’t survive today.



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