Becoming a metal and shred kind of guitarist… that is my goal but taking my time…

It feels pretty damn good to be focusing on mostly electric guitar than acoustic guitar. I’m trying all I can to become a decent electric guitarist. I think I was meant to play electric guitar after all these years. I’ll never give up the acoustic guitar but I probably won’t play it as much anymore ’cause I want to keep my focus on electric from now on.

When it comes to lead guitar, I kind of want to play similar to all my heroes: Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen and Hendrix. I’d like to play kind of similar like all the shred guys such as Stevie Vai, Jason Becker, Eric Johnson and Yngwie Malmsteen. When it comes to playing scales and stuff… the only scales I’ll play lead guitar on are major/minor pentatonic scales, the blues scales and the modes. I’ve been learning and studying the modes a lot lately and still trying to figure them out. I’m still practicing ear training and perfect pitch and all that stuff too. I’m just starting to learn some whammy tricks on electric guitar and I want to learn some other guitar tricks too like the pinch harmonic, sweep picking and things like that. Someday I would love to make instrumental shred music of my own ’cause that would be cool.

People don’t think I can play guitar on a professional/advanced level but that’s okay, let them think what they want. Yes, I still have a lot of work to do in guitar playing, but I’m just gonna keep on practicing and do my thing. Just ignore the critics and doubters and keep playing. That’s all you gotta do. I’ll never become a guitar god or anything… I just want to play and have fun. Make music how I want to make it. I’ve always loved to listen to metal and shred music and I just figure it’s finally time I want to make music like that myself.

Playing guitar is a huge passion of mine. I may have other interests and hobbies but playing guitar is my number 1. It’s all I ever do mostly.


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