Katy Perry fights Trump at last year’s Grammy’s about Border Wall and immigration, she gets stalker from Poland who just got deported… ironic ain’t it?

Will Katy agree with Trump’s border wall now? Hmmm???? How is that “resist” movement working out for ya, Katy?


Those celebrities and music stars really need to stop it with their boring “everyone is welcome here” activism. All we want them to do is wake up but sadly they live in a bubble.

Hey Katy, this is the kind of stuff President Trump is trying to protect you from. Not all immigrants are sweethearts. The media refuses to say whether or not the guy from Poland was in the USA “illegally”, but he probably was if he’s been deported.

Now Ms. Katy Perry, get on board to support Trump about the wall and stuff like this will happen less and less. Trump wants to protect everyone, even you Katy and other celebrities.


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