Yes, Hulk Hogan got in trouble for using the N word and saying other racist things on the sex tape but he’s no racist, get over it…

It’s interesting how people never “forgive” and don’t get over things. Some never do which to me is pathetic. When it comes to Hulk Hogan not being at RAW 25, WWE is sticking to their guns and vowing to never allow Hogan back to the company. Well I think they need to learn to get over it.

Many in the wrestling community have already forgiven Hogan, but of course, there’s this other half that haven’t forgiven and there are still wrestling fans out there who still despise the man.

Yeah, Hulk Hogan said some pretty racist things on a sex tape… I’m not afraid to admit that, but he’s definitely not a racist, though. Don’t judge the book by its cover. When Hulk said those things, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it ’cause he was going through some pretty rough times in his life. I mean, think about it… Hulk was going through Nick’s car crash which killed another guy and Hulk had to deal with all kinds of legal bullshit through that. Then he was going through a heated divorce with his ex-wife Linda.

I remember before Roddy Piper died, he defended Hulk Hogan and said he’s no racist.

Now Diamond Dallas Page is defending Hulk Hogan and says he’s no racist.

I agree that Hulk doesn’t have a racist bone in his body at all ’cause he’s a very popular wrestler in the black community. He’s got a lot of black fans for sure and he proved that on his twitter page. If Hulk was really racist then he wouldn’t have been a tag team partner with Mr. T back in the old days. I remember Hulk and Mr. T used to be best friends… not sure if they still are now.

Sometimes when you’re going through some tough times in your life, you make mistakes. Everybody makes them. Hulk Hogan is human… he’s real like all of us. I wish people would stop negatively judging the man.

It’s been proven through court that Gawker was set out to make Hogan look bad and they were desperate to destroy him. I know I sided with Gawker before admittedly but what I saw in that trial, my opinions and views on this started to change. I began to see that Hogan is innocent after all. Hogan won the Gawker battle and proved that they tried to bring him down.

There IS something called “forgive” and “forget”. If we can do it then so can WWE. I think WWE will bring Hogan back, maybe they need more time to think about it. I hope they bring him back ’cause love him or hate him, Hogan’s a wrestling legend. WWE can try to ignore the man all they want, but you can’t take his legacy away. Hogan helped popularized professional wrestling. He was the one who helped turn the WWF/WWE into a big industry.

I don’t know why Hogan has so much hatred. I used to hate him admittedly but I felt bad about it and I don’t hate him anymore. He won my respect back. He’s not a bad man at all if you give him a chance. He’s very good with his fans too. Look at his twitter and social networking for proof on that. He replied to me on twitter a few times.

People just hate him out of jealousy, in my opinion and that’s the end of it. Jealous of him that he’s a wrestling Icon. They just want to be him. Sad thing is that the haters will never admit that they watch wrestling ’cause of Hogan. I know I watch ’cause of him. He was a hero of mine when I was a kid.

Fuck Gawker. I’m glad they are gone and that’s why Hogan won my respect back right there. I hope WWE patches things up with Hogan someday and I think they will. WWE already buried the hatchet with Bret Hart over the Montreal Screwjob angle and it took a long time for them to do that too.


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