Thoughts on RAW’s 25th Anniversary show last night, a review…

I’ve been watching Monday Night RAW for many years. I’ve been watching them from the very beginning anyways. RAW made it’s debut on cable TV on Jan. 11th 1993 and been on the air since then so technically it’s been 22 years. Not sure why they’ve been promoting it as 25 years. Oh well, I guess it’s just their sneaky little way of promoting the company. WWE has been hyping this show for months… the plan was to bring back a bunch of legends from the past who helped make RAW for what it is. Pretty much most of RAW’s recognizable faces were there last night. Everybody was there except there were a bunch of snubs and I’ll talk about that later on in this post.

Anyways, I thought it was an excellent show all the way through and I did feel nostalgic. Brought back a lot of memories over the years. I remember all the flashbacks from RAW’s older days and I remember every legend that appeared. This show was definitely one of the best RAW episodes I’ve seen in a long time.

I thought the best segments from last night were “The McMahons and Stone Cold” segment which started the show, The Dudley Boys appearance and the backstage segment with Chris Jericho and Elias. The rest of the show was real good but those three I mentioned were my favorite from last night.

As far as the McMahons and Stone Cold segment, it was just like the old days. Like I said before, the McMahon vs. Stone Cold feud was a very important part of RAW’s history. I had a feeling we’ll see some of that again and we did. It was refreshing to see heel Mr. McMahon back ’cause I don’t like McMahon as the good guy/baby face. I think he’s way more entertaining as the evil owner of WWE and he still killed it as the bad guy. Vince knows how to get the crowd to boo him for sure and did a good job of that last night. The evil Vince was a big part of RAW in the 90’s and up. Later in the years, though, Vince retired the heel Mr. McMahon character and went baby face. Last night, we just saw the return of heel McMahon which was great. Stone Cold giving the McMahons a stunner like the old days. Remember the old days during the Attitude Era when Stone Cold was feuding with the Corporation?

As far as the Dudleys appearance goes, they are my favorite tag team of all time. They really are one of my top 5 favorites. They were amazing last night. When they came out on the ramp, the crowd went wild. When the Dudleys used to be around, they always put on exciting as hell matches.

I’m glad to see Chris Jericho back even though his segment with Elias was very short, but it was still entertaining as hell. Hopefully Chris Jericho will be an entrant at the Rumble this Sunday and hopefully he’ll have a match at WrestleMania too. Jericho has always been my favorite.

The rest of the show was real good too. The backstage poker segment with APA, current superstars and the Million Dollar Man was entertaining as hell. I also liked the D Generation X segment toward the end.

As far as Hulk Hogan not being there goes… AJ Styles did do a Hulk Hogan impression during the Mean Gene Okerlund segment so at least WWE gave Hogan an acknowledgement. So does that mean, the WWE and Hogan real life feud is over? They’re on good terms again? I doubt it ’cause WWE is sticking with their guns on Hogan being fired from the company. They don’t want him back at all. Styles did that Hogan impression to keep the fans happy and that’s it. Apparently, WWE and Vince McMahon are still upset at Hulk over the Gawker/sex tape controversy. Well, they need to get over it already and forgive Hulk. Most of us wrestling fans have already forgiven Hulk since he was proven innocent and WWE should forgive him too. I think they will. They just need more time, I guess. I think Hogan will be back in time before the next WrestleMania hopefully.

As far as legends appearing goes, was there any big snubs? Yes, WWE ignored plenty. Many of RAW’s important superstars should have made an appearance like: Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Bret Hart, Ken Shamrock, Hardcore Holly, Val Venis, Stevie Richards, Molly Holly, Hurricane Helms, Diamond Dallas Page, Jake the Snake Roberts, Mick Foley, Vickie Guerrero, Edge, etc. Too many to list.

Why didn’t many of them show? They either couldn’t make it or wasn’t invited by WWE. I’m sure WWE wanted the Rock and they probably tried to ask him, but the Rock has a busy schedule with his movie career and stuff. I think the Rock will make another comeback before WrestleMania this year, though. He’ll be at WrestleMania again, I’m sure.

Looking forward to the Rumble this Sunday, but I have a feeling this Sunday’s Rumble ppv will be pretty disappointing as usual but hopefully it’ll be good. I’m definitely gonna watch it ’cause I saw every Rumble ppv over the years and usually watch it every year. The road to WrestleMania always begins at the Rumble. Hopefully the WrestleMania card will be good this year.

Anyway, what’s interesting about RAW 25 last night was that show gave an opportunity for the new roster a chance to perform with the legends which was special.

Last night was a great show and I’m sure it did well in the ratings. Many ex-wrestling fans who gave up watching RAW long ago probably watched it last night.



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