When it comes to dead-lifting…

I maybe working out for a little over 10 years or so but I’m a beginner dead-lifter, though. I just got back into dead-lifting even though I experimented with it in the past. When you get into dead-lifting, I know you don’t start lifting super-heavy right away. Just lift what you can lift, and so far I can only lift 100 lbs. for 4 sets and 10 reps each. I’ll stick with that for a while, and the more I can do that well, I’ll try adding another 10 lbs. I do know that when you’re into dead-lifting, the heavier you can lift, the fewer reps you need to do. I’ve read about that through various bodybuilding articles through google. It’s okay to do 10 reps when you’re lifting semi-light like 90-100 or a little over but when you start lifting like 180 – 200 that’s when you need to lift 3 – 5 reps for each set.

I taught myself how to dead-lift by watching certain youtube videos so I’m pretty sure that I got the form down correctly. I take bodybuilding very seriously and I know enough that I need to make every workout in good form and know enough that you can only lift the amount of weights that you can be able to lift so you won’t get badly injured.

Some may think I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to bodybuilding but I know what I’m doing. I see so many people in the gym work out in horrible forms in all their workouts and I might have another post on that soon, but I always try to do the best form possible.

Back to dead-lifting, I really think it’s an awesome workout and I love it. I think I’m definitely gonna stick with it for the rest of my life. It’s very good for pretty much all of the back and most of the lower body. Most importantly, the dead-lift is also a big time hamstring workout. That’s why I’m no longer gonna do hamstring workouts on leg day ’cause I’m already doing hamstrings by doing dead-lifting.

The dead-lift is pretty amazing. It’s very simple and safe. Probably the safest workout there is and it feels good doing it too. I can now see why the dead-lift is extremely popular.


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