Why it’s actually a good idea to video tape yourself working out… it’s not an ego thing at all…

If you’re a gym rat like myself then you’re probably someone who video tapes most of your workouts either for you to watch for yourself privately or show ’em off on your social media networks. You see people do this all the time in social networking whether in FB, twitter or instagram. So you ask yourself, why do people do these things? Is it for ego and attention? Is it because so they can get a bunch of likes on their videos and jerk themselves off over positive feedback?

No. I think there are many reasons why people do these things. 1) They want to watch their progress and see how they’re doing. 2) They want to see if they’re doing the workouts right in good form. 3) It’s actually a good idea to show off to all your friends and family to show them what you’re doing in the gym ’cause a lot of them don’t get to see it. 4) It’s also a good idea to help inspire people and get them motivated to go to the gym. You’ll never know who you’re inspiring and trying to help. Those who never go to the gym might get interested ’cause of you.

There’s a few reasons for ya. I’m pretty new to this. Videotaping myself working out and I’m actually glad that I’m doing this so I can watch out for my form to see what I’m doing wrong. If you post them publicly in social media and you get feedback from people, there will be some that will give you feedback on your form. If you’re getting positive feedback on your videos and people are saying “good job” then your form is probably pretty good. If someone tells you you’re doing something wrong then you’re probably doing something wrong and need to correct it.

I just noticed on one of my workouts on leg day today, I videotaped myself doing seated calf raises and I noticed that I was doing it kind of wrong. I almost posted the video on instagram today and deleted it. That’s okay, though. It’s okay if you do workouts in wrong form ’cause it’s not a big deal. You can always correct them and never make the mistakes again. It’s called learning, ya know? There are a lot of people in the gym that workout in bad form and I even workout in bad form in some workouts too. We all do it. I think I need to lift lighter weights on the seated calf raise which is the problem and I will do that next time. Bodybuilding is a learning experience. You’re going to make some mistakes and we all make ’em.

Other than that, I do most workouts in pretty good form.

I’m pretty new to this… making my own workout videos which I was meaning to do for a pretty long time and quite frankly, some people are actually enjoying these videos which is why I’m starting to post more. If people are giving you positive feedback then you must be doing a good job in the gym ’cause if people say you doing something wrong, I’m telling ya, they won’t be afraid to call you in on it.

I’m all for negative criticism toward my workout videos, though. I won’t be offended. I wanna do more workout videos and I will. So far so good though, everything’s been pretty positive. It does make me feel good, though ’cause it lets me know I’ve been doing a good job in the gym. I wanna make sure I’m doing real good ’cause there are plenty of people in the gym that don’t care about whether you’re doing something wrong. Some people do come up to me in public gyms and tells me I’m doing something wrong but most don’t give a shit about you in the gym and just minds their own business.

Safety in the gym is very important and got to take it all very seriously.


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