Sylvester Stallone finally and officially confirms “Rambo V”… the plot will be about Rambo’s missing daughter…

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… Something wicked is coming this way!

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There were talks of Sly doing Rambo 5 ever since the 4th one came out. There were several different plot ideas over the years. One of them were Rambo’s daughter gets kidnapped by sex traffickers and Rambo hunts them down to rescue her, another plot idea is that Rambo battles a half-human beast monster and another plot idea that Rambo battles a Mexican drug cartel.

Well, it’s looking like the official plot is gonna be the missing daughter idea and they’re going for that one and scrapping the others.

I could have sworn at one point that Sly came pretty close to quitting Rambo for good, but I guess he’s game for one more.

Sylvester Stallone is aging. He’s 71 years old now. Sly probably wants to do one more Creed film, one more Expendables and one more Rambo then he’ll probably be done with action movies after those? That’s my guess. Sly did say at one point that he plans to retire from acting soon so he can focus on writing & directing full time. Sly probably feels that he has some action left in him still.

I’m glad Sly and the studio are going for the missing daughter idea ’cause no doubt that will bring out the violent Rambo. This is probably gonna turn out to be a much darker movie. More darker that “Rambo IV” which was release in 2008. Ya know, that Rambo movie released in 2008 was a very short film but it was still amazing. That film got mixed reviews but I fucking LOVED it. That film showed a darker side of Rambo and I’m sure the next one will show an even darker side of him.

Be ready for a MUCH more violent Rambo in the next one. I can’t wait! Hopefully they make it a much longer movie too like a good 2 hours will be fine.

I think Sly wants to bring Rambo back ’cause he wants to end the series better. If you think Rambo was violent in the last film, you haven’t seen anything yet. I can see the next film being very bloody.

It’s a perfect time for Sly to bring Rocky, Rambo and the Expendables back one more time ’cause Sly is getting older, ya know? He probably wants to get these films out of the way before he gets older and that’s the plan.


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